Heating Your Home For Less!!


"Automatic Delivery" is a service that will ensure that you have sufficient home heating fuel to heat your home throughout the winter heating season.  Deliveries are automatically scheduled based on your usage history and current temperatures.  Your cost for fuel will be the "cash" price on day of delivery.

A "Budget Plan" is for customers that wish to spread out the cost of heating their home over the entire year.  The monthly budget amount is based off usage history and fuel costs from the previous season (August-March).  It is recommended customers fill their tanks at the end of the heating season (April), and start sending budget payments starting in April/May.  Any credits on the account when the first delivery of the season is requested will be applied to the delivery and the customer would be responsible for the balance if any.

"Will Call" is for our customers that wish to manage their own home heating fuel needs.  Customers order fuel as needed by placing orders online or by calling the office.  It is advised that 'will call' customers check their gauges on a weekly basis and place orders at 1/4 tank or more.  This will allow for plenty of time for a delivery in case of high demand or inclement weather.  We do our best to make every delivery as soon as possible however we do not guarantee same day delivery.  The average delivery time during peak season is 3-5 business days.  

"Volume Discount" will be considered for fuel deliveries of 500 gallons or more to one address.  A high volume delivery creates savings that is passed on to our customers.

"Emergency" deliveries are made when a customer runs out of fuel and are subject to additional fees.  It is recommended that customers check their tanks weekly and order fuel when the level is at 1/4 tank or more to avoid this more costly service.


For additional information regarding the services listed above, please contact the office at 603-485-4744 or email us at hebertfuel@comcast.net  

We reserve the right to refuse delivery for any reason.